Get Your Game On

January 23, 2014

cardsI grew up in a game-playing family. Not the kind in which people let you win because you’re new to the group or the youngest, but the type in which competition is fierce, excitement is high and only the best players win.

My love of games has done nothing but grow throughout the years, so you can imagine my excitement when I read this Wall Street Journal article touting the benefits of game playing. Increased vocabulary, presentation skills, critical thinking, teamwork, sportsmanship, the list goes on.

In addition to valuable life skills, games also provide an opportunity to connect with family and friends offline. So turn off the computers, phones, TVs and get playing!

A few to get you started:


Perhaps a little less popular than Spades, but fun nonetheless.


A classic game that can be played anywhere. Seriously, anywhere. I’ve seen people play it at weddings.

The Paper Bag Game

Trust me, this is a lot more fun that it sounds. You WILL be sore the next day so be sure to stretch before bed.

Capture the Flag

Best played at night, when it’s a little scarier if you get captured.

Any favorites I’ve missed?