Learning About The Holidays From 7-Year-Old Girls

December 26, 2013

Every person experiences the holiday season in a different way, whether it’s celebrating with family, traveling to see loved ones or simply staying in the comfort of their own home.

However, one thing I always think about this time of year is how much I miss being a kid during the holidays. There is always so much excitement, so much to do and loads of anticipation.

My nieces (center) and their friends during the Day of Giving

My nieces (center) and their friends during the Day of Giving

So I thought, what better way to channel my inner child during the holiday season than to sit down with my 7-year-old nieces, Addison and Maura, to talk about what this time of year means to them.

I asked them each a few questions, hoping to understand what they think of the holidays. In no way was I disappointed by the innocence and honesty of their responses.

What does it mean to you to be in the holiday spirit?

Addison: It means people feel happy. Everyone gets to spend time with their friends and families, so it’s easy to feel good.

Maura: It means everyone feels glad, and they are also happy and excited because this might be the most fun time of year.

What’s a special tradition you have and love?

A: On the 23rd, we get to open presents with our friends Hannah and Katie, then go to P.F. Chang’s so I can get honey chicken.

M: Going to Tommy & Claire’s (my aunt and uncle) house to play with my sister and our cousin. We don’t see him that much so we get to run around and be crazy.

What does it mean if someone says “It’s better to give than receive?”*

A & M (responded together): It means that we should share with others who maybe don’t have as much as we do because everyone should be happy during the holidays.

How did you share with others this year?*

A & M: Every year we go around with our mom and friends to do our Day of Giving. This year we did a lot, like: brought donuts to police officers and firefighters, gave treats to animals at the Humane Society, bought people’s lunch at McDonalds, and donated food to a food pantry. We also saved all of our money to buy a family a gift card at the grocery store and brought magazines and flowers to new moms at the hospital where we were born.

What has been your favorite part of the holidays so far? (no surprise here)

A: My favorite part has been opening presents with family. My favorite present was the sweater that matches my American Girl doll, Saige.

M: My favorite part has been opening presents, too. My favorite present was the matching pajamas to my American Girl doll, Julie.

If there is one thing you could say to other people celebrating the holidays around the world, what would it be?

A: I hope that everyone is able to be with their families and is having fun!

M: I wish everyone Happy Holidays and they get everything they could ever want!

So whatever you did this holiday season, I hope you found some way to bring out the inner child in you!

Note: A few of the answers were paraphrased in order to get the wild ramblings of 7-year-olds into one post.