Getting Pumped For The Girl On Fire

November 21, 2013

It’s here! Just shy of two years after the first blockbuster, the second “Hunger Games” movie comes out tonight at midnight.

No doubt a few of you are excited. But there is one aspect of this pre-movie hype that has captured my attention: the beautifully executed web presence of the faux-lifestyle, Capitol Couture.

Capitol Couture Site

There is a gracefully coded website hub for Capitol Couture, with high-impact photography, and subtle functionality flairs. Really, in the world of “The Capitol,” you see a lot of restraint that was used in building this brand. It could so easily have gone over the top, obnoxiously colorful and with superfluous functionality. Instead, the site shows real editorial, and high-end styling, allowing the photography to shine.

The site is immersive, with a variety of content, blending images and stories from the movie with real world designers. This combination of fiction and non-fiction blurs the lines of reality and really gives you a sense of existing within the world of “The Hunger Games.”

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