On The Outs With Baseball

October 30, 2013

worldseriesBy all accounts, this year’s World Series has been great. Two big-name teams. Close games. Controversy. And a superstar adding to his legend with every clutch hit. But I haven’t watched a single pitch.

I consider myself a big sports fan. I played organized baseball for more than 20 years. I have terrific memories of watching the baseball playoffs over the years. I should be glued to the drama.

But Monday night, I found myself flipping between Wild-Blackhawks, Rams-Seahawks and a replay of an old UFC fight. So, I decided some soul searching was in order. Where did Major League Baseball lose me?

Part of it is baseball fatigue by season’s end. Combine a 162-game season with an expanded playoff format and suddenly they’re playing in November. I’m just not in the right frame of mind to watch the boys of summer when there’s snow in the forecast.

But I think the biggest part of the answer lies just a few blocks away from Fast Horse headquarters, at Target Field. Right or wrong, my interest in the game has been negatively impacted by the dismal performance of the Twins in recent years.

The home team has piled up three straight 95-loss seasons, with little hope of contending after April, and apathy has set in.

When the Twins are winning, I naturally pay more attention to the league as a whole. When they stink, I just go to games to hang out with friends on beautiful summer evenings. Does that make me a fair weather fan? Yes – literally and figuratively.

So with no clear rooting interest or even an underdog to pull for between the Red Sox and Cardinals, I found myself opting for a meaningless NFL game rather than the World Series. Turns out baseball has become highly local for me — I care about my team and not so much about the sport.

Sad, but true.