Fast Horse Fun Facts

October 3, 2013

We’re celebrating Fast Horse’s 12th anniversary this week. To mark the occasion, here are 12 little-known facts about the agency:

1) When Fast Horse opened its doors Oct. 1, 2001, on the heels of 9/11, there were no clients (and virtually no leads in the pipeline). The only two employees, Jörg and intern Tony Kirwin, spent most days tossing a mini football throughout the office with very high stakes: the first person to drop a perfectly thrown ball would need to go to the next client meeting without pants.

2) We were recognized as “Fat Horse” on the trophy for the first national award the agency ever won. They offered to fix it, but we proudly display it with the typo.

3) For a short period of time, our phone system consisted of one line and two cordless handsets. If someone was on the phone, no calls were getting through to Fast Horse.

4) We’ve had three people leave the agency only to come back and rejoin the team. Sometimes the door really is always open.

5) An intern celebrated her offer to join us as a full-time employee with a keg stand in the office. The beer promptly shot out her nose.

6) We’ve had a few medical issues interrupt a typical workday, including a torn ACL, a bout of appendicitis and a soon-to-be mother going into labor. The appendicitis was shrewdly diagnosed by Dr. Dave Fransen (with an assist to WebMD).

7) An award-winning campaign was conceived at a neighborhood bar with the help of the Minnesota Roller Girls. They were sitting at a nearby table and joined the brainstorm.

8) A post on our blog in 2012 prompted a major U.S. newspaper to publish a correction on a story it ran in 1995.

9) John Reinan has shown up to the office wearing blaze orange coveralls, and it was not Halloween or hunting season.

10) We’ve found some curious items in front of the office over the years. Morning discoveries have included a motorcycle helmet, spare tire, bike chain and a bong.

11) Our office used to be a truck service garage many years ago. The big windows were garage doors and you can still see where the hoists came out of the cement floor if you look closely.

12) We’re a tight-knit group, as illustrated by the time we managed to fit 14 people (and a stroller) in one vehicle for a ride back to the office following an industry event.