97% Of Anything Is A Problem

October 28, 2013

3_percent-logoThe 3% Conference debuted last year in San Francisco to a sold out crowd. Over the next 12 months, they held events in Boulder, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle. At this year’s event, they announced to a cheering crowd they’re coming to Minneapolis in 2014. I can’t wait.

What is this oddly named conference? For starters, Kat Gordon, the founder, calls it a movement, not an event. Men head 97 percent of the creative departments in agencies. And as Gordon declares, “97% of anything is a problem.”

That means nearly all advertising comes from the male perspective. Yes, women make up more than 3 percent of “the creatives,” but they present their ideas to men who judge the work and decide whether (and in what form) it reaches the client.

According to Cindy Gallop, this year’s keynote speaker, women purchase and/or influence the majority of product sales in America. What about electronics? Women influence 90 percent of all electronics purchases. And, 60 percent of all car purchases.

donnadrapersIn Gallop’s words, “women are not a subset or a small niche. We are the norm.” She advises all marketers to target and speak directly to women to make more money.

Male CDs (usually unknowingly) filter the work through their perspective resulting in communications that fail to connect as well as they can to women. And remember, this is about sales and business results. Wake up agencies. You’re missing a huge opportunity.

For sure I think this is about more than just business results, but don’t get me started.

I leave you with one last agitation. Despite repeated invitations Ad Age refused to cover the conference even though their reporters were in the same hotel on the same day covering an event just up one floor. Really, Ad Age? Really?