A Pinterest Of Homes… In Real Life

September 11, 2013

There are few things better than taking a lovely stroll on a crisp fall night. The sun goes down early and people flip on their interior lights, making for some great snooping! Not the creepy snooping — I don’t press my nose to the glass — but I do like to take a little peek inside to see the wall colors or furniture arrangement.

Of course, a less creepy way to view people’s homes is to take a Fall Home Tour.

Years ago, my family took a trip to Minneapolis for a “million-dollar home tour” and I remember taking off my shoes, putting on some blue booties and ohhhing and ahhhing at how the other half lived. Rooms the size of my entire first floor and in-home movie theaters made my mind soar with dreams and wishes of what I would have when I grew up. Fast forward to today and I’m nowhere near having my own indoor pool or guest house, but the opportunity to dream has again come along.

This year the Parade of Homes goes through Sept. 29 and allows you to view 300 new model homes. The Parade of Homes began in 1949 with 12 homes and at its height (also conveniently during the housing boom) there were 1,249 homes to tour. Included in the tour, and an option if you donate $5 to the Builders Outreach Foundation, are three “Dream Homes.” These homes, located in Wayzata, Chaska and Hudson, Wis., reach into the millions and will definitely offer up some dream-worthy home improvement ideas.

This 6,600 square foot beauty is one of three homes on the "Dream Home Tour".

This 6,600 square foot beauty is one of three homes on the “Dream Home Tour”.

If you’ve read my previous blog post you know I’m a DIYer. I love a good home remodel and am not afraid to tackle a difficult weekend project. One of my favorite go-to places for inspiration is Pinterest… obviously. You can search for just about anything and find a step by step guide to help you along the way. Sometimes though, a step-by-step guide on your screen can only go so far and you need the real deal. Touring homes where ideas and projects come to life is like a real life tour through Pinterest and something I need to get my creative DIY juices flowing.

Most of the houses on the Parade of Homes tour are a bit out of an average price range, but the Homes by Architects Tour does include a few “modest” styles. This home tour, taking place on Sept. 21 and 22, cater to a wide range of styles from ultra modern to eco-friendly. The amazing architects that built them will also be on hand to answer any questions interested buyers (not idea stealers like me) might have.

A modern family home with panoramic views of Lake Minnetonka. I'd take it!

#1 on the Homes by Architects Tour.

So grab your scarf, a tasty pumpkin latte and wander (legally) through your neighbor’s homes to snag a few ideas to spice up your own home no matter the square footage.