Google’s ‘Art, Copy And Code’ — What Will They Think Of Next?

August 7, 2013

The digital age thrust the ad industry into a revolution not seen since the 1960s. Up until then, copywriters dominated the creative process. But when television television replace radio as the dominant medium, everything changed and art directors climbed up a few notches.

The creative revolution of the ’60s forced agencies to completely reorganize the way work flowed. Ultimately, they paired up copywriters with art directors in partnerships that sometimes lasted a lifetime. Just watch any episode of “Mad Men” to see what I mean. The term “art and copy” was coined to describe the collaboration between these duos.

Then, in the 1990s – Bam!  The digital revolution turned things upside down. The pairing of art directors and copywriters didn’t go out the window, but these parings became less important.

Now, Google is taking this a step further with the introduction of  “Art, Copy and Code,” a series of experiments that gives a nod to the connected world we live in and dares to re-imagine advertising altogether.

In the first two experiments, Google worked with iconic brands to sponsor projects that brought creativity and technology together in a seamless integration.

The most recent experiment launched earlier this summer and it allows users to send a digital post card sealed with a kiss. Burberry sponsored the venture.  Using your smart phone or the cam embedded in your laptop, you capture your lip print by pressing your mouth against the screen.

Burberry Sealed With A Kiss

Burberry Sealed With A Kiss

Then you fill out the post card, and send to a friend, watching as it zips across the world through Google maps.

The Post Card is Delivered

The postcard is delivered

Check out the video to see how it works and then try it for yourself.