Werther’s Originals: Tasty, Creepy And Hilarious

July 22, 2013

werthersI’ve got quite a sweet tooth, but I’d never had a Werther’s Original in my life — until a couple of years ago, when my colleague Bob Ingrassia accused me of looking like the grandpa in the old Werther’s TV commercial.

I think Bob was set off by my very grandpa-like turtleneck/sweater combo. Hey, it was cold outside!

As a gag, I started carrying Werther’s in my pockets to pass out to my younger colleagues, and it became a thing at Fast Horse. Scott Broberg insists that they be “pocket warm.”

Last week, I passed out some Werther’s and Alli Checco (@MinneapolisMom) tweeted her thanks. I wanted to retweet to the Werther’s handle, but surprise — a candy brand aimed at AARP members apparently has no Twitter feed.

In searching for the Werther’s Twitter handle, however, I discovered something much better: A vast trove of humorous Werther’s-themed tweets. Here are a few choice ones. Enjoy!

werthers 12. werthers 11. werther's 1. werther's 2. werthers 4. werthers 7. werthers 6. werthers 9.