Top Wedding Planning Apps

July 9, 2013

Photo credit: Matt Lien Photography

You can’t tell, but Cyd is checking her phone in this photo. [Photo credit: Matt Lien Photography]

I’m recently married and throughout the entire wedding process, I found myself wondering how in the world someone could plan a wedding without the internet and smart phones.

It’s difficult enough, even with having endless ideas and advice available for you on the web.

And so, with just under a month of marriage under my belt, I wanted to share some wedding advice of my own, and point you in the direction of some of the best digital resources.

The digital and social apps below are sure to keep you sane during the wedding planning process and enjoying memories from your big day well after the rings are on. Cheers to that!

eBay Now
If you’re in one of the select test markets for eBay Now, download the app to save yourself and your wedding from a last-minute mishap. This new service lets you order goods from partner retailers, including Target, Macys and Best Buy, and eBay now will deliver them to you in under an hour for a flat $5 delivery fee. Best man forgot his bow tie? No problem. Forgot to pack your shoes for your bachelorette party? No sweat. Forgot to bring speakers for the bachelor party? On its way. You get the idea. This is amazing.

Scheduling key wedding events around everyone’s schedule can be really difficult. In general, starting the planning process for events like bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding showers should be done as early as possible.

If you don’t, you could run into a situation like we did — a groomsman had to miss the bachelor party because of a prior commitment (I’m been told it’s not good for the marriage to say “I told you so”). To make the scheduling process easier on everyone, use an online group scheduling tool like Doodle. You select the dates that would work for you, then you send a link out and people respond with which dates would work for them. So much better than endless back and forth emails.

Seating Planner+
I spent hours and hours on my seating chart, thanks in part to an idea I saw on Pinterest! For an easier way to organize who’s going to sit where, the Seating Planner+ app allows you to create guests and then drag and drop them onto tables of different shapes and sizes. Once you’re done, export the plan as a PDF and hand to the catering coordinator. Voila!

I won’t go too into detail here because it’s relatively obvious, but it’s SO helpful that I couldn’t leave it out. One tip I’ll give would be to use the relatively new “private board” feature liberally. For the really personal things or other items you’d like to keep a secret before the big day, create a private board just for you or, even better, selectively invite who can see and collaborate on the board with you — maybe your wedding party, bride/groom or best friends.

Ok, this isn’t really an app, per se, but still — hashtags, hashtags, hashtags! After the many amazing, once in a lifetime events that occur during this time in your life, you’re going to want to see pictures! You’ll remember seeing people taking pictures, but tracking them down and asking them to send you the pictures can be like herding cats. To make the process easier, determine a hashtag well before the actual wedding and put it EVERYWHERE! The more people see the hashtag, the better the chances they use it. And the great news is that it’s not just for Twitter and Instagram anymore, Facebook now has a hashtag search feature! P.S. For those not safe for social images (Vegas bachelorette?!), create a joint photo stream on your iPhone and ask your friends to contribute!

But for video! You’ll quick realize that while a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth much more. And with all the photos that you’ll see, a video is a nice change. Lucky for you, Instagram just unveiled a short-form video sharing option. With the existing popularity of Instagram, this is a great option. Just remember to use that hashtag!

Engaged? Download Dropbox now! I’m not kidding when I say Dropbox was crucial to my wedding. It’s an incredibly easy way to share and access all those important wedding documents — catering contracts, guest list addresses, RSVPs, gift tracking and timelines.