Summer, Sun And Workout Fun

July 11, 2013

We are in the heat of summer right now, and tiny shorts and midriff tops are out in full force. With all this skin showing, it’s a fine time to pick up a new workout routine. Utilizing the outdoors during the summer to get your workout on is a great idea and Minneapolis provides a great backdrop for a killer outdoor workout.

With Minneapolis recently ranked as the #1 fittest city in America (and #1 for biking by Facebook), I feel as though it goes against your duty as a Minnesotan to not get out and utilize the great resources we have available. Now having said that, I am the first to admit I haven’t taken advantage of all that Minneapolis has to offer, so I decided to ask my fellow ponies how they like to get their sweat on during the summer months.

Minneapolis residents taking advantage of a gorgeous day on Lake Calhoun.

Minneapolis residents taking advantage of a gorgeous day on Lake Calhoun.

John — I love to ride my bike on Minneapolis’ TREMENDOUS network of bike trails. I also like to walk around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet.

Mike — I play baseball, which I love and does burn a good amount of calories. We play two seven-inning games every Sunday! Also, I enjoy kayaking out the river near the home my wife grew up in. We take a lot of walks to the park to get the hell out of the house as long as temperatures are above absolute zero.

Tim — My favorite thing would be to play sports. The parks around town have a lot of great basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer fields. Usually there are enough people around taking advantage of them so you can get a game going.

Kalie — By far my favorite way to work out in Minneapolis is to take long ambling bike rides around the bike path network, especially around the lakes—a dip in said lakes is also fun. And a night run that takes you across the Stone Arch Bridge is guaranteed to make you feel similar to how I imagine Batman felt whenever he descended upon Gotham to save the day.

Natalie — My favorite way to work out is to go running outside, preferably around the lakes. My husband and I enjoy playing tennis on park courts as well. Running outside – all seasons – is my all-time favorite though!

Dominic — I try to get a run in a couple times a week, usually just for a couple miles around my neighborhood. I hit the tennis courts at least once a week, and I’ve started to go to a doubles league on Saturday mornings with my dad as well.

Diane — Summer is gardening time and I manage plots in three community gardens so a lot of my time (and exercise) is consumed by digging, weeding, hauling dirt and such.

After hearing all the great ways people like to stay active, I have no reason not to get out and enjoy what Minneapolis has to offer!