Maddie On Things In Minneapolis

July 31, 2013

Theron Humphrey is an image maker originally from North Carolina, but for the past three years has been apartment free.

He’s traversing the country telling stories of the average person, documenting his coonhound, Maddie, in impossible situations, and bringing to light the amazing animals that come from shelters and touch our lives.

Humphrey and his coonhound stopped by the Twin Cities last weekend for his “Maddie on Tour” book tour, and shared with us his amazing story.

One of the first things he said to us was, “I want to shake you by the shoulders and tell you to create something you love tomorrow!”

That’s what jump started this all for him — he wanted to do something he loved.

Maddie the Coonhound

Maddie the coonhound

This lead to his first project, funded by Kickstarter. He spent the next year traveling the country, meeting and photographing one new person each and every day, telling their story. See all 365 stories on his website.

By his side the whole time was his adopted coonhoud, Maddie. Humphrey started photographing Maddie, an apt climber with excellent balance, on his iPhone 4 in places he wanted to remember 30 years from now — such as the truck that Theron called home for a year. Soon, his Maddie pictures became more and more intriguing, proving what a unique subject she was.

Having published these to Instagram¬†and Tumblr,¬†Humphrey put together a collection and created “Maddie on Things,” a book that is “a super serious project about dogs and physics.”

Maddie on Maddie On things

Maddie on “Maddie On Things”

Having always been a dog person (never would have guessed, huh?) I instantly fell in love with this delightful dog, watching as new images popped up on the internet, and was simply psyched to see a physical book be published.

Soon, Humphrey and Maddie set out on a book tour to give fans a chance to meet the lively canine in person — but, being the overachievers they are, decided to make more of their journey and created “Why We Rescue” in partnership with Purina One. As they cross the country for their tour, they will be capturing one story from each of the 50 states about a rescue animal, and how it has changed the lives of their owner.

I’m sure you all know I have a cat, but you may not know that she’s a rescue — found at a McDonald’s truck stop in Lakeville. I have such a large place in my heart for sheltered animals who’s lives didn’t get the best start. What Humphrey is doing to share these stories is inspiring — he told us he didn’t want to focus on animals in the shelter, and the sorrow associated with that, but instead focus on how much they have enriched the lives of their owners and capture the enduring spirit rescues and their rescuers’ have.

What one photographer has done with his life in the past three years, just by wanting to do something he loves, is truly inspiring. Not only to watch him follow his dreams, but also the stories he has told and documented. So, I pass his message on to you: Go make something you love tomorrow!