Stuck In A Food Delivery Rut? Not With BiteSquad!

May 31, 2013

One of my favorite parts of moving every year is gaining a fresh batch of food-delivery options. A girl can only eat so much food from the same handful of decent restaurants that will deliver to any given location.

Alas, my latest move won’t provide any such joys of culinary discovery. My new apartment is five floors above my old one.

But wait! There’s BiteSquad! Oh, BiteSquad, how you have changed my home-delivery experience, opened my eyes, and added flavor and color to my otherwise dreary life of the Papa-Johns-Pizza-Luce-Chinese-food cycle.


While BiteSquad is still a young company, founded only nine months ago, it’s gained rapid popularity. But only 10 of my Facebook friends like their page as well. TEN! Come on, more people must know the wonders of BiteSquad than that? Well, if you are one of the unlucky Twin Cities residents that don’t know about BiteSquad, listen up!

Even Grumpy Cat agrees that BiteSquad is awesome

Even Grumpy Cat agrees that BiteSquad is awesome

BiteSquad is a food delivery service, fused with the wonders of modern technology, with a dash of internet geek culture, and an appreciation for food and local restaurants, that all speak to my heart.

BiteSquad partners with local restaurants who otherwise wouldn’t deliver, providing you with everything from sushi, to Mexican, Thai or baked goods. Just head to, enter in your address, and they provide you with a list of all the local restaurants that can be delivered to your location. When BiteSquad started, they had 18 restaurant partnerships, as of March they had more than 100 — and I swear it seems like the list of available restaurants for me grows every time I go to order.

Their online menus make ordering easy, by providing a standard layout, ways to see more information, and a picture of every single dish on every single menu. Pick a place, pick a dish, and hit order.

BiteSquad provides you with live updates on how long a delivery would take (down to the minute!) so you can see what would be quickest if you’re really hungry — and they even update you on what’s happening, from when the food gets ordered, when its being made, when it’s been picked up, and when it’s on the way. Another online-ordering bonus: you can include tip when you place your order, so no dealing with the receipt and writing in tips against the doorjamb!

Automated message from BiteSquad

Automated message from BiteSquad

As you count down the exact time to your food, BiteSquad even gives you a courteous heads-up. An automated text message will come to your phone just moments before your food arrives. My apartment looks over on the front door of our building, and as soon as I get that text I can look down and see their fresh, white and green car pull up and the sleekly dressed delivery driver jump out.

I have always had phenomenal service when ordering from bite squad. It’s quick, efficient, friendly and provides you with more variety than you could dream of. It’s a wonder for date nights when you don’t actually want to get dressed up and go out (nice sushi in sweatpants? Deal!), or for late nights in the office. If this is what they have achieved in nine months, I can’t wait to see what they offer when my apartment lease is up next year!