I’m Going On Vacation And There Will Be Bears

May 13, 2013

I don’t want to jinx it, but I believe spring is here for real this time and summer is quick on its heels. And that means summer vacations, people!

Whether it’s a trip to a cabin up north, a road trip to wine country or a water park with the kiddos, getting to spend some time with friends and family in the warm summer sun is what it’s all about.

This year, I’m stepping out of my vacation comfort zone and going camping. I know that isn’t a terribly crazy summer activity, but I’m really going camping. Like backwoods, no cell service, no running water kind of camping…I’m talking about the Boundary Waters.

To me, camping should look something like this (Glamping= Glamorous Camping)…


But instead, it might actually look like this…


Some 244 miles north of the Twin Cities lies the little town of Ely. This is where civilization ends and the true outdoor experience begins. You get a shower before you leave and a shower when you get back… what?! I’m a daily shower kinda girl.

You must carry your canoe from place to place, or portage, as they call it, along with ALL the things you have brought with you (I’ve already planned to practice in my hilly backyard) and there are bears.

A direct quote from our outfitters website reads, “At this point we turned from yelling and waving, to throwing rocks and chasing the bears. That usually solved the problem.” I’m not sure I’m mentally prepared to throw rocks at hungry bears (now planning to practice this in my backyard as well).

I believe the new and sometimes scary parts of this trip will fail in comparison to the gorgeous views, serene landscapes and the uninterrupted time that our group will get to spend with each other. The Boundary Waters area has changed little since the glaciers melted and the only mode of transportation through it’s beauty is on canoe or foot.

Stepping back into time really, and with that comes leaving all electronic devices behind. But wait, my phone IS my camera and thus how will I capture all of the above mentioned serene landscapes?! Another direct quote from our outfitter suggests “bring camera & LOTS of film”… definitely stepping back into time.

I’m feeling stronger and more excited as I write this, and hell, if young Boy Scout troops can make it through, I’m positive I can too…right?!