Lucy Michelle Launches Solo Album — And Website To Match

April 25, 2013

You may know Lucy Michelle from her band Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, but now she’s branched off and completed her first solo album, “Attack of the Heart.”

The album is a well-crafted, American pop gem. It explores American pop music in the classic sense, touching on all areas of the country — from a New Orleans shuffle to California country, with a touch of jazz mixed in.


This deeply personal album was an exciting starting point for Fast Horse as we worked with Lucy to design a website for her solo work. The project presented challenges combining Lucy’s vibrant personality and eclectic tastes with the album artwork for “Attack of the Heart,” while remaining flexible enough to grow with her and be adaptable to future albums. We also wanted to provide easily updatable sections for Lucy to fill with images and stories herself, as she travels the country and preforms her songs.

"About" page featuring Lucy's sketches

“About” page featuring Lucy’s sketches

The site features bold, yet humble colors that speak to Lucy on a personal level, and set off a dramatic header that prominently displays album artwork from “Attack of the Heart.” The footer is filled with images from her Instagram account, which live updates as she takes them, bringing you along for the ride. The “About” page features sketches drawn by Lucy herself.

This was such a fun project to be a part of. Lucy Michelle is a unique and talented artist, and helping bring that to life online was an honor.

Lucy Michelle’s first solo album “Attack of the Heart” officially drops Tuesday, April 30. But you can help kick things off this Saturday, April 27 at the “Attack of the Heart” album release party at the Cedar, featuring her band Chan Poling and John Munson, with Southside Desire.