A Breath Of Fresh Air: From South Asia To N.E. Minneapolis

April 3, 2013

We did it. We made it through a lot of white, which increases our hunger for the green + poppy goodness that is nearly upon us. There are two wonderfully FREE ways to get out this weekend to soak up all that is possible with spring.

ARTCRANK — A poster show for bike people. Saturday, April 6, at 5 p.m. | Grain Belt Studios | FREE Admission | $40 posters

As a participating designer for the first four years, I know this show is all things good. There is a contagious excitement around getting on your bike and being one with the pack. It’s urban. It’s creative. You feel alive. Connected to people. You see people. You will wonder where all of these cool people came from. Actually, after the long winter, it is just awesome to see people! The founder, Charles Youel, is a creative catalyst who connects peoples passions for the good of the planet. Oh and you don’t have to get there on your bike, but it is sure to have you want to hop on it someday soon.

"I thought that while riding my bicycle." Einstein, in reference to the Theory of Relativity

“Eye Candy” by Joanne Grobe

Artcrank Poster by Joanne Grobe

“There’s Always A Sunny Side Of The Street” Poster by Joanne Grobe


MACY’S FLOWER SHOW — Through Sunday, April 7, during store hours | Macy’s Minneapolis, 8th Floor Auditorium | FREE Admission

I went last weekend and the first step in the room was like the intoxicating freshness you breath in when stepping off the plane in Hawaii. The color palette is rich with a depth of greens we haven’t seen for months. The bursts of reds and oranges will fill your heart up and did I mention taking a lot of super deep breaths? Do it. You will like it.

Drenched in a spectacular palette of colors, this year's show evokes the vibrant spirit of south Asia.

Drenched in a spectacular palette of colors, this year’s show evokes the vibrant spirit of south Asia.

THINK OUTSIDE. No need for a box…just get out and look up while you are walking and take it all in.