Spring Hasn’t Sprung, But Let’s Clean Anyway

March 20, 2013

We are all waiting, some more patiently than others, for its imminent arrival. Spring, spring, SPRING!

We just want something above 20 degrees and a few green patches of grass, that’s not asking too much, right? Though today marks the official start of spring, it doesn’t feel very spring-y in our neck of the woods.

**High of 21 degrees here in Minnesota on this first day of spring, coldest start to spring in 48 years! **

With spring come warm breezes, chirping birds and sunny skies. And in my house, spring means cleaning. Spring cleaning is not your average light dusting and quick vacuum sweep. It’s carpet shampooing, wall scrubbing, toaster cleaning and grout resealing — the things that you put off during the cold winter months and have no time for during the summer ones.

cleaning housewifeIt might not be everyone’s favorite transition into the next season, but it is necessary. I’ve always loved to clean. It’s what I did for a side job in high school and college, and when I’m stressed, I clean. The satisfaction of a pristine front window or dust-free fan blades is enough to make me giddy, and it’s a good workout for my triceps!

This year I plan to “greenify” my spring cleaning routine. Harsh smelling chemicals don’t mean a clean home, they might even mean a more toxic one. Using products that I already have — mayonnaise, walnuts, vinegar, lemons and vodka — I plan to scrub my home without flushing toxins down the toilet and without breaking the bank.

  • Mayonnaise — Rid crayon marks and sticky residue from household objects by rubbing on a dollop of mayonnaise and watch ‘em disappear.
  • Vodka — Add ice and sip slowly. Also good to use on ridding caulk lines of mold.
  • Walnuts — Nicks and scratches in wood furniture are quickly erased after rubbing a walnut on them. Also works great as a munchie after you’ve downed the vodka.

Along with cleaning my home this spring, I plan to “clean” my virtual life as well. We all have the best intentions to archive our emails and organize our desktops, so spring is a great time to do just that, no excuses. Three simple things to do to streamline your day and help you avoid the virtual clutter.

  • Eliminate Unused Apps — If you don’t use it on a daily basis, delete it. If you really find that you miss Words with Friends, you can surely download it again.
  • Re-Evaluate Online Subscriptions —  Nothing annoys me more than getting daily alerts that Kohl’s is having another 50% off sale, I haven’t been to a Kohl’s in years. It takes a few seconds and it will eliminate all the unread email in your inbox.
  • Back It Up — Not only will backing up your files and pictures help free up space and eliminate the time it takes to scroll through the 300 pictures on your phone, but it will keep your precious pics and files safe and sound.