Show, Don’t Tell: Bringing The UnitedHealthcare and Optum Story To Life At 2013 CES

January 23, 2013

More than 150,000 attendees traveled to Las Vegas for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show this month. Boasting an impressive 1.9 million square feet of exhibit space, the event was the largest show in CES history.

The spike in size stems not from TVs or mobile phones, but from digital health and fitness products and services. This budding sector of technology is the fastest growing area at CES.

Cydney Wuerffel, Mike Keliher and Rachel Medina at CES

Mike and Cydney at CES with client Rachel Medina

While the digital health sector captured some well-deserved mainstream attention this year, a few pioneers in the field have been attending the show for years. One of those pioneers is Fast Horse client UnitedHealth Group, which returned to CES for the third year in a row. Through its UnitedHealthcare and Optum businesses, the company showcased 12 of its technology products and services designed to improve people’s well-being and enhance the health system.

Fast Horse was on the ground at CES with UnitedHealthcare and Optum, helping the two businesses increase awareness of their presence and purpose at the annual event through online content and social engagement efforts.

Making use of two targeted online platforms, and @ceshealth, we complemented the UnitedHealthcare/Optum in-booth experience by producing our own stream of digital health news from CES. We shot video from the health and fitness section of the showroom floor, captured photos from panel discussions at the Digital Health Summit, interviewed industry influencers on current trends, and generally reinforced the company’s position as a leader in health innovation.

CES attendees testing the new DDR: Classroom Edition in the UnitedHealthcare/ Optum booth

CES attendees testing the new DDR: Classroom Edition in the UnitedHealthcare/ Optum booth

What’s more, our online efforts increased awareness about UnitedHealthcare and Optum’s work in the digital health field beyond Las Vegas, allowing key messages about healthy living and innovation to reach a broader audience of interested consumers and influencers.

To give you an idea of the content we created for UnitedHealthcare and Optum at 2013 CES, check out the videos below. As a bonus, you’ll see the beautiful UnitedHealthcare/Optum booth and a few of their pioneering solutions. For more, check out the Fast Horse-designed