How Often Does A CEO Thank You?

January 7, 2013
Enrico 001

Sifting through the post-holiday mail — a mix of sales fliers, late-arriving Christmas cards and the usual assorted junk — I was tempted to toss out an envelope from 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment.

My wife has long coveted an elliptical machine, and over the holiday, we bought one from 2nd Wind. So even though the return address on my envelope claimed to be from Dick Enrico, CEO, I figured it was a routine mailing of some sort to follow up on our purchase.

I was half right. It was a follow-up, but it was hardly routine. It was a handwritten note of thanks from the CEO.

Dick Enrico

Dick Enrico

“John,” he wrote. “Just a note to express my appreciation for your purchase from my company. I would welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have. Regards, Dick.”

Comments or suggestions? All right, then — here’s a comment. This is without a doubt the first time I’ve gotten a thank-you note from the CEO of a company as big as 2nd Wind, which has more than 45 stores in nine states. I did write a fairly sizable check — around $2,000. Still, I feel certain that multitudes of Americans made $2,000 purchases over the holidays — without getting a handwritten thank-you note from a company CEO.

And here’s a suggestion: Keep treating your customers like this, Dick. If you do, you may find that they wind up praising you on blogs and in conversations with friends and associates. Not to mention coming back to your store next time they’re in the fitness market.