Seven Cringe-Worthy Newsweek Covers

October 19, 2012

We are gathered here today to say goodbye to yet another print publication.

Let us bow our heads and take a moment to reflect on some of the truly awful Newsweek covers we’ve been subjected to in recent years. They are sad reminders of the magazine’s desperate attempt to use controversial gimmicks to generate attention and sales.

Rest in peace, Newsweek print edition.

 1. “The Mormon Moment”

Featuring a Romney and “The Book of Mormon” mash-up.

Newsweek cover featuring "The Mormon Moment" with Romney

2. “Diana at 50”

An undead Diana taking a stroll with Kate. Creepy +10.

Newsweek cover featuring an undead Diana

3. “Muslim Rage”

The silver lining in this over-simplified and offensive characterization? An ironic use of #MuslimRage on Twitter and this

Newsweek's controversial "Muslim Rage" cover

4. “The Queen of Rage”

Speaking of rage…this crazy-eyed Michele Bachmann ruffled a lot of feathers.

Michele Bachmann featured as "Queen of Rage" on Newsweek

There were also some good laughs:

5. “The First Gay President”

Clinton was “the first black President” and now Obama gets his very own rainbow-colored halo to go with his new tagline.

Newsweek calls Obama "First Gay President"

6. “Romney: The Wimp Factor”

While the internet agreed in the lameness of reusing the hit 1987 “Bush: The Wimp Factor,” for this cover, at least the photoshopped follow ups were golden.

Mitt Romney as Newsweek "Wimp Factor" Newsweek alternative covers for "Wimp Factor"

7. “Heaven Is Real”

If so, let’s hope there’s room for print publications.

Newsweek claims "Heaven is real"
Okay, okay. It wasn’t all bad. Here are a few favorites:

Favorite Newsweek covers

So, what say you? Will you miss Newsweek? What print publications do you see dropping off the stands next? Does Newsweek, or any other publication, stand a chance online if it’s behind a pay-wall?