An IT Guy Who Rocks

October 1, 2012

Shaun ShaverBy day, Shaun Shaver is a fairly typical IT guy. He sends out company-wide emails about secure FTP transfers and overnight server outages.

By night, he rocks. Really, he lets his hair down and jams with a local band.

Shaun is one of our newest employees, joining Fast Horse full-time this summer as our technology guru. But he’s not new to Fast Horse.

When we set up our very first office in the McKesson building on First Avenue, the company we were subletting from made their IT guy available to us on a contract basis. That guy was Shaun.

When we moved on from that space, Shaun stayed with us as a consultant, and has been instrumental in keeping us connected through multiple moves and many changes over the past 11 years. Shaun was most recently a server specialist with the city of Roseville.

By way of introduction, here’s a Q & A with an IT guy that has very little to do with IT:

What do remember about your first rock concert, if anything?
My first concert was the KISS Dynasty tour. I was about 8 years old. I remember when Gene Simmons spit fire I could feel the heat from the flame. I also remember Ace Frehely running up behind the drums andplaying a drum fill. I was blown away that Ace could play the drums.

Do you feel long hair makes you stronger?

What’s the dumbest IT/tech-support question you’ve ever been asked?
Is the internet down?

What’s your favorite guitar chord, and why?
Power chord. Rock You Like a Hurricane. ‘Nuff said.

Shaun ShaverIf you had to join one band — Nickelback or Creed — which one would you choose and why?
Nickelback because they are still gigging. I would cut my hair, put on some tight jeans, and sell out in an instant. Although I would probably vomit all over my Affliction T-shirt if I had to play “Figured You Out.”

List the Fast Horse employees you believe you could defeat in a cage fight.
If I could have Randy the Macho Man Savage take my place then I believe it would be everybody.

Complete the following: I love Pantera because …
They have a sound that is super tight and play riffs that could shred steel.

I deleted an important file from my desktop and then emptied the trash folder. How do I get my document back?
Stop deleting your damn files.