Crazy For Cats

July 20, 2012
Walker Art Center Internet Cat Video Film Festival

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Cat pictures, animated GIFs and funny videos are nothing new. In fact, cat memes have a surprisingly interesting history dating back to the early 20th century.

In more recent years, websites like 4chan, icanhazcheezburger and the social news site Reddit have fueled our boundless fondness for our adorable feline friends.

So what about cats has put them into a leading role? Is it because they’re so mysterious? So cunning? Or perhaps, because a cat’s captured emotion just begs for witty commentary.

Whatever the reason, the spotlight doesn’t seem to be dimming on the Internet’s favorite feline, and really, why should it?

Internet Cat Video Film FestivalTesting the boundaries of the online social community, Walker Art Center is hosting an off-line, Internet Cat Video Film Festival on Aug. 30. The festival will feature user-nominated videos, with submissions accepted until July 30.

The inaugural event has had the internet buzzing. Will you be stepping away from the computer to attend?

Either way, here’s an oldie but a goodie to whet your appetite.