The Business Of Being 8

May 15, 2012

Ahh, to be 8 years old.

One minute you’re playing in the backyard with your friends, and the next you’re checking on your in-stocks for the weekend Mother’s Day shopping rush. Wait, what?

It’s not the typical life of a pre-teen, but to Sofia, proprietor of Sofia’s Candle Company in Chaska, it’s what happens when a fun art project turns into a suddenly booming business. Sofia runs her candle company out of her mother’s shop, La La Land, located in the heart of the historic downtown district of Chaska. Growing up in a world where your mom refurbishes furniture and finds new purposes for discarded antiques gave her the entrepreneurial bug at an early age.

Offerings from Sofia's Candle Company

This little businesswomen is involved in practically every step of the business, from product creation (except the hot wax and pouring) to sales and accounting. And don’t forget about marketing: she’s got a growing Facebook following, as well. Her full display, complete with a hand-drawn sign, offers customers several scent options and an unscented option, all in refurbished mason jars. Now that’s one savvy kid!

If you’re in the area, it’s a must see…and a must buy.

Sofia's hand-sketched sign