Meet The Newest Pony: Lynn Heimkes Carter

May 3, 2012

Lynn Heimkes Carter

Lynn Heimkes Carter

We’re delighted to introduce our new office manager, Lynn Heimkes Carter, who joined Fast Horse after a successful career in the modern furniture retail business.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Lynn brings creativity, a strong business sense and an eye for detail to the very important job of keeping our office running smoothly and professionally. Lynn has thrown herself into her new role, immersing herself in the nitty gritty of Fast Horse billing, HR and other operational issues. She took time from her very busy new gig to answer a wide-ranging series of deeply personal questions:

Jörg: How would you describe your new office manager job at Fast Horse to a 3-year-old child?
Lynn: You get to play with lots of papers, and mess them all around your desk.

Jörg: Which of your new Fast Horse colleagues would you say are most- and least-likely to mule kick a vending machine in an effort to dislodge a stuck purchase?
Lynn: Most likely — Andrew Miller. Least likely — Jen Kreilich.

Jörg: What’s the strangest thing you’ve overheard at the office during your first month at Fast Horse?
Lynn: Umm … pretty much noises (burping, swearing, and farting).

Editor’s Note: Fast Horse has very strict rules forbidding burping and farting. Offenders face severe disciplinary action, which could include termination of employment. Swearing remains an acceptable mode of communicating frustration or excitement at Fast Horse.

Jörg: If you were a wine, how would Robert Parker describe you?
Lynn: Smooth, notes of dark berries, woody, with a mysterious finish.

Jörg: I know jewelry-making is one of your hobbies. Is there any celebrity you would be horrified to see wearing one of your creations in People magazine and why?
Lynn: Not really. If one of my necklaces ended up in People magazine, I’d be ecstatic.

Editor’s Note: Lynn has said privately she would not be wild about seeing a picture of reality television star Snooki wearing her wine-country-inspired jewelry in People Magazine. Her reasons are obvious.

Jörg: Please tell us the names of your pets as well as all of their nicknames.
Lynn: Well there are 4, in order: Bijou (Beegy, Beeg) Bogart (Bo, Boder’s) Suki (Sook’s) Sheesh (Sheshe)Lynn and one of her dogs

Jörg: What’s the best book you’ve ever started and didn’t finish?
Lynn: Not sure if it’s the best but, Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Editor’s Note: That’s okay, Lynn. The rest of us never even bothered to crack the spine and just waited for the movie.

Jörg: Name three guilty pleasures.
Lynn: Wine. Sweets (any and all). Buying beautiful furniture.

Jörg: What’s are your best and worst “Trivial Pursuit” topics?
Lynn: Worst — History, Sports, Economics. Best — Geography, Entertainment, Fashion/Design.

Welcome aboard, Lynn! We’re thrilled to introduce you as the new face and backbone of Fast Horse!