Home Depot Nails It With This Mom

May 9, 2012

I fancy myself an independent gal. But when my husband asked me to pick up some things at Home Depot while he was gone on a business trip, I groaned.

Just the thought of the bare bones floor-to-ceiling warehouse atmosphere overwhelmed me. Adding to my excitement: I had no choice but to bring along my two kids. Let the adventure begin!

As we made our way to the big box, I spent the drive bartering with the kids. No freak outs and we’d get cookies at the grocery. Let Mama get the items on her list and I’ll grab you lipgloss at Target. Anything to let me get in and out as quickly as possible. I’m that kind of mom.

Little did I know that once we stepped inside, I would barely be able to pry them out of the store.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with balloons at the door. It was “Kids Workshop Day” at Home Depot, they explained… a free hands-on clinic on the first Saturday of every month. I had heard about it but never really thought to attend. Assuming I was only there to make crafts, they practically ushered us into the back room – boy am I glad they did.

As the girls donned their little personalized orange aprons and safety glasses, they were each handed a “planter box in a bag.” With a little hammering and a bit of wood glue, we had a structure that was ready to decorate. Some stickers, paint and voila! We spent nearly an hour making our planter box. As the girls marveled over their creations and munched on free popcorn, I got my shopping done in a jiffy. It was an errand to remember.

The Home Depot gained three new female fans and you can bet we’ll be the first to don our orange aprons at the next event in June!