Finding Your Font At Lost Type

May 16, 2012

Lost TypeTypefaces are important. They create strong personalities, and are the voice of any design. There are always classic go-to’s such as Helvetica (of course), Baskerville, Trade Gothic Bold No. 20, Gotham.

But these have all been done time and time again. When you’re looking for something a bit more distinct, fresh, or just that certain something else, check out the Lost Type Co-Op.

Yes, a co-op for typefaces. Two Canadian designers, Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin, started Lost Type as a way to share a single typeface. The co-op has grown into an influential collection of more than 40 typefaces, from designers all around the world.

Another unique thing about this type foundry (as if they need anything more to set them apart!) is its “pay-what-you-want” model, where 100% of the profit goes to the designer of the face you purchased. Love a typeface? Pay $500 and know each dollar goes to the creator of that beauty. Not so sure about another? Pay $2, and still, all 200 cents goes to that designer.

I’ve found some Lost Type favorites. Deming EP made an appearance in our latest Summer Internship Campaign (along side such classics as Gotham and Trade Gothic Bold No. 20).

As well, Lavanderia is a beautiful script face that balances between feminine and strong, and made our 2012 Valentines Day dmail sing when paired with Cubano.

Finally, Pompadour Numerals is a bold set of numerals. Again, this typeface walks the line where a designers application could make an ultra girly impression, or stamp a masculine strength. These elegant numbers were the perfect typeface for the clock in my bathroom (a re-vamped IKEA RUSCH clock, to coordinate with my wide striped, white and mustard shower curtain!)

Fast Horse Summer Internship Campaign logo

Deming EP from Lost Type (the word "summer")

Fast Horse Valentine's Day card

Lavanderia and Cubano from Lost Type in action

Jenny Zanatta Ikea clock

Pompadour Numerals from Lost Type