Local Icon Joins Minnesota Twins Line-Up At Target Field

April 4, 2012

Jen and Andrea Buckner, Pearson's Candy Co. marketing manager, show off Salted Nut Roll at Target Field

We had an exciting day yesterday at the Minnesota Twins #TargetFieldFoodTour with our client Pearson Candy Co.

The Twins were announcing their new concessions line-up to local media and we were proud to represent one of Minnesota’s most iconic candy bars — the Salted Nut Roll — which will make its debut at Target Field this season.

Pearson Candy Co. introduced the Salted Nut Roll in 1933. Made locally in St. Paul, the Salted Nut Roll has a creamy nougat center that is surrounded by a layer of caramel and covered with fresh, lightly salted Virginia peanuts.

Twins fans will be able to buy the Pearson’s King Size Salted Nut Roll at concession stands throughout the stadium during 2012.

And here’s a fun fact: For the month of April, fans can enjoy a Salted Nut Roll without leaving their seats. In-seat vendors (aka hawkers) will be selling Salted Nut Rolls at home games. If successful, hawkers stadium-wide will sell the Pearson’s King Size Salted Nut Roll for the entire 2012 season.

More fun facts:

  • Pearson Candy Co. produces up to 12,000 King Size Salted Nut Rolls per hour
    and 80,000 per day.
  • 7,700 pounds of caramel is made each day when Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls
    are produced.
  • Pearson’s plant processes 2.5 million pounds of peanuts each year.

We were in good company today, with several other Minnesota-bred options being added to the concessions menu this season such as cheese-filled mega meatballs from Duluth’s Velentini Supper Club and State Fair favorite deep-fried pickles from The Preferred Pickle. New beverage options include craft beers and 2 Gingers whiskey.

Hmm… a cold Surly and a Salted Nut Roll. Sounds like a great pairing to me! Opening day is next week. Get yourself to a game, grab a hawker and get your Salted Nut Roll!

Paul Blume from Fox 9 interviews Andrea Buckner.

Matt Michalski (a.k.a. "The Rookie") from AM1500 samples the goods. (Photo courtesy AM1500)