Don’t Convict ‘Greedy Fan’ In Baseball Viral Video

April 27, 2012


I joined the online jury yesterday when I came across the “greedy fan” video from Wednesday night’s Texas Rangers game in Arlington, Tex.

At first glance, it was easy to convict the villain in this little drama. A player tosses a ball into the stands and some guy emerges with the ball. While the smiling guy takes a picture of his lady friend holding the souvenir, a little kid next to him cries his eyes out.

The guy’s a greedy jerk. Case closed. Next viral video, please.

But, wait, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Turns out that actual facts might change our decision on appeal.

WFAA-TV in Dallas caught up with the “greedy fan” and the crying kid’s mom. Turns out the guy had no idea the kid next to him was upset. And the crying kid’s mom believes him.

The guy is Sean Leonard, a city worker in Southlake, Tex. His date at the game was Shannon Moore, his fiancĂ©e. They’re getting married this weekend and their combined family will have five kids. Getting slammed online was no fun, they told WFAA.

“It’s very hurtful, especially when you know you wouldn’t intentionally hurt somebody or hurt their feelings,” Moore told the station. “Especially when it’s a little-bitty toddler.”

The mother of the boy, Cameron Shores, said she’s ready to move on.

“I really don’t think they knew,” the boy’s mother told WFAA. “I mean, it’s loud there. He had his back to them and I really don’t think it was anything malicious. I don’t think they did it on purpose or anything else.”

The “greed fan” verdict? Overturned.

It’s a good reminder to all of us to think for a second or two before we tar and feather the stars of the next viral video outrage.

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