State-Of-The-Art Tech, Old-World Accessories

February 7, 2012

Over two years ago, I got my first iPhone, the 3GS in white. I was thrilled, I loved the white back, paired it with a sleek white case, and never looked back. Not once did I even stop to think about getting a different color or design case or accessory.

Now, it’s two years and one month later. After many scrapes, smears and odd, old phone functions, I got my new iPhone 4S in — you guessed it — white! First thought, without hesitation: I must find a white case!

Upon searching, though, I found myself being drawn to something else. Something different all together. Something so opposite of sleek, 2012 technology. My eye kept lingering on old world, vintage inspired accessories and cases. Here are three products my crisp-white-loyal self may just indulge in.

Book Book iPhone case by Twelve South

I was instantly drawn to the warmth and tactile quality of this wallet/case combo. Great usability, efficiency, and character, all wrapped up into one little case.

iRetrofone by freelandstudios on Etsy

The landline may be dead for many (I know it is for me), but what a nostalgic way to dock your iPhone while at home.

Monolith Solid Wood iPhone Back Panels

This one made my jaw drop. I had no idea you could replace the back panel on your iphone! I love the idea of having a slim phone, using only a screen protector and ditching the bulky case, but I just cringe at the thought of the scrapes and buffs the back will get. What a unique way to protect your phone by completely replacing the back glass pane with real wood.