Resolution Motivation Through The Eyes Of A Designer

January 17, 2012


I know we are already over two weeks into the new year, but in my book you get all of January to come up with and establish your resolution.

It’s still the first month of the year, you’ve got eleven more months to achieve your goals. Why not take January to really figure out what resolution would really make your life better, and prepare yourself with the proper definition and motivation.

By Matt McCracken of Doublenaut. Beautiful piece, great color.

This year I came across a fantastic website called the To Resolve Project, started by New York based designer, Chris Streger. Starting last year, he and his now fiancée realized each year they write down their resolution and stuff it away in some nook of the house. Why not display your resolution in a prominent and inspirational way? Streger decided to reach out to many talented artists, and ask them to create a resolution for the new year as an iPhone background.

This year, To Resolve Project came back in a big way with more artists, and more background types. It was very interesting and inspiring to surf this year’s selection, and see the unique and quirky resolutions, designed in such distinct and elegant ways. Go scroll through the site and see if anyone’s submitted resolutions align with yours, and download the background type that will best keep you on track for the new year!

By - Fantastic piece, fantastic resolution.

So, what’s your resolution? How are you going to keep yourself motivated for the remaining 348 days? Any of these wallpapers going to come in handy?

Unofficially, my resolutions include: cut out sweets, work out more (I’ve hit four times this month already, not bad!), design more projects for fun, explore more with hand drawn type, play with texture, and generally push myself as a designer…

But officially, I chose something that I think will improve my quality of life overall, something that is trackable (they have an app for that!), something that should be easy to incorporate into every day life, and something that having an iPhone background will be a useful reminder: Drink more water! (For this, though, I had to create my own background! Feel free to download and enjoy for your own resolution achievement!)