Fast Horse Helps UnitedHealth Group Make Splash At CES

January 12, 2012

Fast Horse is live at the Consumer Electronics Show, helping client UnitedHealth Group make the most of its presence at the world’s largest trade show.

This is the second year UnitedHealth Group is at CES, showcasing its latest technology products and services designed to enhance consumers’ access to care, simplify their health care experience and help improve their health and well-being.

The presentation stage in the UnitedHealth Group booth at CES 2012

The start of the conference Tuesday capped several months’ work preparing for an increased presence in Las Vegas. That presence includes a 3,500-square-foot exhibitor booth, speaking engagements at several conference tracks and an online presence dedicated to the field of health tech – which is where we come in.

Through two newly created online platforms, and @ceshealth, we’re helping demonstrate how UnitedHealth Group, and its UnitedHealthcare health benefits and Optum health services businesses, are simplifying the consumer health care experience by making helpful, practical information easier to access through devices consumers are already familiar with, such as smartphones and video game consoles.

We’re using the website and Twitter account to distribute the content we’re creating while at CES. We’re shooting video, capturing photos, interviewing industry influencers, writing blog posts, you name it … all adding UnitedHealth Group’s voice to the digital health conversation.  What’s more, we’re creating a valuable resource for those interested in the health tech conversation at CES who aren’t actually at CES. Contrary to how it might feel at times, not everyone is in Las Vegas this week!

To give you an idea of the content we’re creating for UnitedHealth Group, check out this tour of the UnitedHealth Group booth. Bonus: You get to see some of UnitedHealth Group’s truly awesome technologies.