Small Batch Coffee Makes A Big Difference

December 21, 2011

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee. But what happens when that coffee also does some good? I’m not talking health benefits but actual good things for the community. That’s the premise behind City Kid Java – a local for-profit arm of Urban Ventures Youth Leadership Foundation. The coffee gives a jolt to the organization by giving 100 percent of its profits to help fuel a variety of programs benefiting nearly 1,500 at-risk, inner-city children in the Twin Cities.

If you haven’t heard of City Kid Java, I’m not surprised. They don’t spend a lot on marketing and instead rely on grassroots and word of mouth. That means getting into churches, businesses and schools, and conducting sampling led by its hard working crew/sales staff/brand ambassadors on chilly days. It means creating special brews for local college campuses. It also means keeping up with fans on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And they do a good job of it, but I want to see it grow – so I guess that’s the reason for this post.

What I love about this company is how it’s run. Not by a bunch of 30- and 40-something know-it-alls, but rather by the kids it serves. Sure, there are some adults in
charge. But the kids are the real backbone of its success. They learn lessons in business, economics, sales, and so much more by attending company and sales meetings, working at City Java cafés and assisting with sampling. It’s a hands-on lesson on life in the real world, and it’s invaluable for many of these kids.

So do me a favor. Go pick up some City Kid Java. You can purchase it at Cub, Target, online or pick it up at their local cafés. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Not only does this coffee do good, it tastes good. It even won taste tests against big-name chains like Caribou and Starbucks. You can enjoy a good up of coffee and help the Twin Cities community. Sounds like a great way to start the day to me!