Minneapolis Rebrands

November 3, 2011

Minneapolis' New Logo and Tagline

Meet Minneapolis, the city’s official convention and tourism association, unveiled its new logo and tagline, “City by Nature.” While I’ve heard mixed reviews on the new brand since it’s unveiling last week, it’s a large step in the right direction for our wonderful city.

The city's official logo

“City by Nature,” and the logo’s juxtaposition of trees with our iconic buildings, much better captures the heart of Minneapolis. While the whole city-reflection-in-a-lake-is-trees thing has been done, it does represent what I love about Minneapolis.

I’ve entertained the idea of moving to New York, or some other big city, to soak up the energy and glamor, but I knew I’d always miss good ol’ Minnesota Nice and being able to escape to the quieter parts of town.

Minneapolis really has the best of both worlds, all in one city, and I believe this identity communicates this much more effectively to potential tourists.

So, what do you all think of Meet Minneapolis’ new look? You can check out the new designs on their website, or on their Twitter account (so far my favorite implementation of the design).