It’s Been A Big Week For SweeTango

November 18, 2011

New Yorker food issue with SweeTangoSweeTango, the hot new apple developed by the University of Minnesota, is getting plenty of national attention these days.

The media buzz wraps up a great season for Next Big Thing, A Growers’ Cooperative. The cooperative, a Fast Horse client, grows and markets SweeTango. After two years in limited release, SweeTango hit stores nationwide this year.

The New Yorker magazine kicked things off in its annual food issue with an in-depth look at the development and marketing of SweeTango. Author John Seabrook explored the history of apple varieties and detailed the great lengths the University of Minnesota and Next Big Thing are going to maintain SweeTango’s quality.

The article is available on newsstands now. Subscribers can read the article online.

Seabrook also put together a video that summarizes his article and shows him munching SweeTango. (The video is embedded below.)

New  Yorker SweeTango articleThe New Yorker piece generated plenty of other interest. The Atlantic followed up with a story of its own. And the New York Times Diner’s Journal recommended the New Yorker story to its readers.

On Friday, National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” interviewed Seabrook about the New Yorker article. The author raved about SweeTango’s juicy crunch and complex flavor, which he said comes across with a great combination of sweetness and tartness. (You can stream the interview below.)

Of course, we’re biased, but we can’t help but say we think SweeTango deserves all this great attention. Congratulations go to the University of Minnesota, Next Big Thing and all the committed cooperative growers who have produced a great new apple variety. And thanks to all the SweeTango fans who have helped spread the word about their favorite new apple.

This SweeTango season is over, but we’re sure you’ll find SweeTango worth the wait until next fall. You can like SweeTango on Facebook and follow on Twitter to get updates on availability.