Commercializing The Season

November 28, 2011

Finally! The holiday season is upon us. While I both love and loathe this season, every year, I always look forward to the holiday commercials. Whether they are poignant, gut busting, cheesy or nostalgic, they grab my attention and make me feel like ’tis the season. This year, I’m sharing my favorites.

Come on! Grown men screaming over Justin Bieber??? Can it get any better? I know this is just a Black Friday commercial but its brilliant.

I get a bit giddy when the Target Christmas Champ returns for the holidays. She’s nuts, hilarious, real and creepy. Reminds me of people I don’t really know but know of…She’s also fun to follow on twitter @ChristmasChamp.

If this is someone’s real life, gag me with a spoon. Always over the top, Zales brings it this year with a soap opera type montage that is sure to cause disappointment among women living in a fantasy world.