Road Trip Via

October 10, 2011

Inspired by my husband and his annual “mancation” (a group of architects leaving the big city buildings behind and getting back to nature, with a healthy dose of all-night poker, whiskey, and a cigar here and there), I decided it was time for a girls getaway.

A quick Google search presented me with several options which upon closer inspection fell consistently into two categories: sleepy senior tours or girls-gone-wild trips to Vegas. I really wasn’t looking for much. My requirements were simple. I wanted to:

  • Wake up when I felt like it (Seems a small thing, I know. Those of you with small children will understand.)
  • Enjoy a leisurely day of shopping and a relaxing dinner (see above)
  • Be within decent driving distance (less road trip, more jaunt)

I quickly grew frustrated, until I stumbled upon Trazzler’s scope is international, and you can find information on destinations such as Cambodia, Costa Rica or Turkey. However, it’s focus is providing travel recommendations within driving distance of your home. Trazzler aims to “foster investment in your local economy and encourage more frequent, shorter trips.”

Founded by Adam Rugel in the offices of Twitter (founding team also includes Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter), Trazzler employs freelance writers and photographers from around the world. The site also makes it easy for you to contribute your own trip suggestions via writing contests. Quality of submissions is maintained through a rather comprehensive writing guide.

Evensong Spa

A quick search for Minnesota and Wisconsin revealed results like “Going Inward at Evensong Spa in Green Lake, Wisconsin” and “Soaring at the Milwaukee Art Museum.”

No final decisions have been made yet, but said girls getaway is this weekend so come Friday we’ll be on the road and I’m leaning towards spa.