A Facebook Logo Is Not Enough

September 14, 2011

You see Facebook and Twitter logos everywhere these days — and not just online.

The icons show up on store windows, delivery vans, ads in the newspaper and plenty of other places in the non-digital world.

But what’s the point? When I’m waiting at a stoplight behind Acme Sewage Supply’s truck and I see a Facebook logo on the bumper, how does that help me or the business?

The fact is that millions of businesses have a Facebook page. A study in March estimated that more than 40 percent of small businesses in the United State maintain a presence on Facebook.

So slapping a Facebook or Twitter logo on a physical object does almost nothing to help an enterprise stand out. I suppose there was a time eons ago when the blue ‘F’ logo and the ‘t’ icon let a a certain segment of the population know that your business was cool and hip to social media. That era is long gone.

Today, winners in commercial social media give customers a reason to hook up with them on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform. They give deals, promise advance information or run contests … something other than just declaring, “We’re here! Follow us!”

There are countless examples of good and bad logo use out in the real world. Here are a couple:

The Bad
A restaurant at the Minnesota State Fair

The Good
The Neighborhood Cafe on Selby Avenue in St. Paul