New Labels Put An Ugly Face On An Ugly Habit

July 11, 2011

If you’re a smoker, your Marlboro Light box is going to look pretty gruesome by next year because of requirements set forth by a new federal law.

By fall 2012, cigarette boxes will show images of diseased lungs and teeth, corpses and other images designed to deter smoking. But a recent study reported on by the Associated Press shows it will only deter an estimated 1 percent from kicking the habit. No studies have been done to show if it will keep people from starting in the first place but in Canada a recent study found the images deterred 15 percent of individuals from taking up smoking, which is nearly double of what text messages usually accomplish in other countries.

Smokers: Will these images make you re-evaluate your habit? Former smokers: If these images were featured on-pack when you first took up the habit, would they have made you second guess your choice to start smoking? Before you answer, take a look at the images below.