What Do Schweddy Balls Taste Like?

June 16, 2011

Schweddy Balls

Good times! On Tuesday, the Huffington Post reported on a rumor that Ben and Jerry’s will create an ice cream based on Alex Baldwin’s famous Schweddy Balls skit from “Saturday Night Live.”

And while ice cream lovers around the world are licking their chops at the possibility, it left me wondering: “What will Schweddy Balls possibly taste like?”

I guess I always thought Schweddy Balls were a meaty substance. Not a sweet, crispy, chocolatey ball…more of a hearty ball – one you’d serve with a toothpick out of a crock pot. That’s obviously not what Ben or Jerry had in mind, because it would have made for one nasty ice cream flavor.

In the skit, Baldwin does mention specific flavors like popcorn, cheese and rum balls and also claims he can make a “ball for every taste.” I guess that gives Ben and Jerry’s a lot to chew on… not only in the taste department, but how they’ll market the “ball”-flavored ice cream.

Will they hire Baldwin to pimp his character’s namesake flavor? Will Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer be part of the marketing mix? Will they ask people what Schweddy Balls should taste like and concoct a flavor based on consumer demand? Perhaps it will be holiday flavored ice cream to coincide with the holiday-themed skit? Will they describe the flavor upfront on packaging or leave people wondering about its contents until their first lick.

Peepshow readers: Will you buy this new treat, and if so, what flavors do you want to experience when (if) you first taste Schweddy Balls?

To get you in the mood, here’s the skit in all its juvenile glory … the video skips the slow intro and jumps right into the balls.