I Get Tired Just Thinking About Joining Google+

June 30, 2011

Google+Google+, the new social network platform, is the latest buzz and if you haven’t heard much about it yet, you will.  It launched this week and is being rolled out by invitation only.

Google is making a bold move by taking on Facebook, the social networking powerhouse. Will it pay off? Of course, everyone’s answer is just a guess. As for me, Google has a lot of work to do to persuade me to make the switch. Having joined Facebook seven years ago, I’ve certainly grown comfortable with it. My friend list has grown to more than 900 over the years and that just didn’t happen overnight. It takes time and lots of it. The thought of having to start all over again is exhausting to me.

There are constantly new changes being made to improve Facebook as it continues its dominance in the world of social networking. Some users argue these changes are actually making it worse, but it hasn’t seemed to make an impact on popularity. Does Google+ have what it takes to win the hearts of thousands of loyal Facebook fans? Have they made enough changes and added an adequate amount of new features to convince Facebook users like myself to make the switch, regardless of time and effort required to do so?

Google+ CirclesOf the new features Google+ has to offer, I will admit to being sold on two of them: +Circles and +Huddle. The rest of the Google+ features have some work to do before they will get the “wow” reaction from me. +Circles offers a much easier and organized way to share certain things with only certain groups of people. Let’s face it, there are some things meant only to be shared with specific people, not all 900+ people who have access to my profile.

+Huddle offers real-time messaging to a group of people allowing only those in the group, updates by the second and a quick, easy and convenient way to communicate with everyone at once. The remaining Google+ features are comparable to Facebook and aren’t convincing enough to entice me to make the grueling switch.

Besides my questioning of security with Google+, there are many factors still leaving me feeling pretty skeptical and unsure about it at this point. There’s lots of ground to be covered to win my heart. Do you think Google has what it takes to conquer Facebook or do you think it will flop? What do you like or dislike about Google+? Would you be willing to make the switch? It’s all up to you. What will you do when your invitation comes?