What Exactly Do You Guys Do?

May 9, 2011

We’ve come full-circle. Sorta.

About three years ago, we became the first agency in America (we’re pretty sure) to ditch the typical website in favor of a blog. The Idea Peepshow was born. We figured if we’re going to make content and non-traditional marketing our core proposition, we might as well walk the walk with our own web site.

Fast Horse - What we doWe can proudly say that in the ensuing years, long after many agencies many times our size abandoned their well-intention blogs, ours remains stronger than ever. We’ve gone from 10 to 20 unique visitors a day when we had a traditional web site, to averaging around 300 per day as dedicated bloggers. Our posts have been featured on sites as diverse as Minnesota Public Radio, TechCrunch, the SportingNews.com, MinnPost.com, Romenesko, Gannett Blog, The Heavy Table and many other influential news and opinion outlets.

In short, we’ve been able to build broad national awareness and deepen engagement in ways agencies many times our size have not.

Over the past couple weeks, observant Peepers began to notice that we’ve redesigned the Idea Peepshow. But behind the Peepshow blog is where you’ll see the bulk of our work over the past several months. Click on the depiction of our building on the upper right hand corner, and you’ll find yourself on the doorstep of our world.

At long last, this is intended to be the definitive answer to a question we hear daily: “What exactly do you guys do?”

Let us know what you think. We’d love your feedback as we continue to fine-tune our new site.