Summer’s Here … And So Are The Booze Ads

May 18, 2011

Summer, I missed you!

For me, it’s the season when alcohol can turn a “good night” into a “night of my life.” I don’t blame the booze. I blame the advertisers. They make it so easy and fun to pick my poison at the liquor store or bar.

Here’s a look at some tempting new booze offerings and alcohol gimmicks hitting shelves this summer:

One idea to start a party: A bottle opener that connects with your Facebook and invites all of your friends, from the moment you crack a Heineken.

To launch the new formula of the flavors of Smirnoff Caipiroska, the brand created bottles with a diagonal perforation and with the texture of the fruits (lemon, passion fruit and berries). When opening the bottles, you feel like you’re peeling fruit.

Arnold Worldwide launched Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey with a spot that combines 3D animation and live action scenes for Jack Daniel’s.

Ogilvy Argentina created “Poolball” to get attention for Budweiser. The event featured a giant pool table and 15 redesigned soccer balls. Fox Sports and ESPN broadcast segments on this new “sport.”

Doss Blockos was born during the underground squatting fraternity that came about in New York in the 1990’s. This six-pack pale lager already comes with bottles individually wrapped in brown paper bags.

All in all, I think they are all winners. Epic summer, here I come.