Eating Healthy The Black Metal Way

Corpsepainters need to eat too!

I’ve put myself on a quest to eat much healthier and one of the constant obstacles I’m encountering is that I simply don’t like how vegetarian and vegan cooking instruction is presented. I’m not an affluent suburbanite with a designer kitchen, nor do I live like it’s Burning Man 24/7/365. Thanks to a hot new chef, this obstacle has been removed. The odds of me going completely vegetarian or vegan are slim, but if this series continues, I’ll be pretty darn close.

So let’s jump right in with this incredible cooking talent and learn to make an awesome Pad Thai! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Vegan Black Metal Chef. Be warned, it contains a few F-bombs, but they’re funny (and vegan) F-Bombs. Play this video loud, and if you’re at work, play it even louder.