Fast Horse Intern-For-A-Day Program: Round Two

January 10, 2011

We’re excited to see what 2011 has in store for us all. Sports league lockouts, location-based marketing madness and tablet wars are a few possibilities that come to mind, for better or worse.

So what do you foresee happening this year? Let us know and you could become Fast Horse’s next intern-for-a-day.

Yep. The second open call for the Fast Horse Experience Intern-for-a-Day program gets under way today and the one and only application instruction is sending us a blog post about something that is going to happen in 2011 and why.

Here’s a little refresh about the program: Last fall, we launched it for our Facebook page audience as a way of giving aspiring young marketers an opportunity to see what agency life is like and for us to cultivate a pool of talent and get to know some new prospects with fresh ideas.

We selected the first group of interns after applicants submitted blog posts about a recent marketing campaign that caught his or her attention. After reviewing the entries, we chose to bring in five people for one-day paid internships. You can read the guest posts and see a video about how the first-ever group of FH interns-for-a-day spent their day here.

Now it’s your chance. To be eligible, you just have to send us your guest post at by Monday, January 24 at 5 p.m.

And, to clarify, when we say “aspiring young marketers,” we’re talking about a broad group and a variety of interests: interactive, advertising, graphic design, web development, content, advertising, social, PR, etc. We’re interested in all of that stuff. Likewise, we’re interested in various types of content, so feel free to submit your post in any form you’d like (video, Q&A, podcast, photography, etc.). Send us a Venn diagram if you want.

So, do you want to cover the impact of tomorrow’s 1/11/11 Verizon announcement? Or what life will be like for sports fans with the 2011-2012 NFL and NBA seasons both locked out? Or how nothing significant at all will happen? That’s all interesting to us. Just make sure to tell us why these things will or will not happen.

After we review the entries, we’ll select the next intern(s), publish his or her blog post here on the Idea Peepshow and tailor the internship day to fit their interests. We’re not going to tell you exactly what you’ll be doing on this one-day internship, but we can assure you that it will be fun and good “real-life” experience.

As always, if you have questions, let us have ’em at the Fast Horse Experience. We’ll see you in the future.

To read an outside take on the program, check out this blog post that local blogger and communications man-about-town Arik Hanson published last Friday that takes a thoughtful look at the reasons why he thinks the Intern-for-a-Day program is good for Fast Horse, as well as for young marketers.