Memo To iTunes: I Already Have The Beatles Box Set

November 17, 2010
Beatles box set

Before iTunes. Before CDs. Before cassettes. Before 8-tracks.

How many times am I supposed to buy Abbey Road? At least one more time, apparently.

Now that the Beatles catalog is available on iTunes, we’re supposed to shell out $1.29 per song, $12.99 per album ($19.99 for the double “White Album”) or $149.99 for a the box set.

A lot of fans are taking the plunge. Beatles songs and albums are marching up the iTunes charts.

As for me, forget it. I already have the Beatles box set. On vinyl. That’s 12 records, plus the goodies that came with some of the albums (the paper cut-outs from “Sgt. Peppers” and the poster and head shots from the “White Album”).

Thanks, Mom, for the awesome Christmas gift in the 1980s. Definitely the best Christmas present ever.

So here’s my video memo to iTunes: