Great Night At Ad Fed

November 16, 2010

There was a great vibe at the annual awards party of Ad Fed Minnesota, held Friday in the Legends Club at Target Field. The “Dog & Pony Show,” as this year’s edition was dubbed, showcased some of the best work of the Twin Cities’ creative class.

The crowd was large and lively. The setting was superb. And as I talked with everyone from copywriters to agency heads, I got a sense that there’s a new feeling of optimism. Business is picking up, agencies are hiring, life is good.

Or maybe it was just the booze.

I posed a question to attendees. Ever since Minneapolis burst onto the scene as an advertising center, about 25 years ago, there’s been an identifiable “Minneapolis style”: an arresting visual coupled with a short, snappy headline and a clever tag.

So I asked: With all the changes in the ad business, is there still a “Minneapolis style?” Here are some of the answers. For a longer slide show with more photos and answers, visit John Reinan’s weekly marketing column at

Derek Till, senior art director, Colle + McVoy (center): “No. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Advertising is in a good state of flux.”

Also pictured: Erin Julian, studio lead, OLSON (left); Stephanie Madeja, art buyer, OLSON (right).

Emma Hoagland, Brainco ad school student (center): “In school, we study the Minneapolis style. When I enter the industry, I hope to develop my own voice.”

Also pictured: Taylor Laitsch, Winona State student (left); Molly Golden, Ad Fed Minnesota secretary (right).

Billy Jurewicz, CEO, Space150 (second from left): “I think Minneapolis style has always been about destroying convention. I think there is a revolution in this city about shaking things up. I think we’re getting the vibe back.”

Also pictured (L-R): Carl White, co-owner, BWN; Kristin Olson, media planner, Space150; Kevin Jansick, designer, Space150.