Odwalla Plants Sustainable Seed With New Bottle Initiative

October 25, 2010

Next year is looking even greener for our client, Odwalla. Fast Horse recently had the privilege of helping the natural health beverage company announce an exciting new initiative.

In March of next year, Odwalla will begin transitioning all of its single-serve bottles to PlantBottleâ„¢ packaging, HDPE (that’s high-density polyethylene, for those of you not up on packaging lingo) made of up to 100% plant-based materials* and 100% recyclable.

Odwalla’s PlantBottleâ„¢ packaging consists of HDPE plastic that is made with up to 100% of its material derived from molasses from sugarcane juice. And, just like Odwalla’s existing plastic bottles, the PlantBottleâ„¢ packaging is 100% recyclable along with other HDPE plastic bottles in most consumer recycling programs.

The new Odwalla package will help to reduce dependence on nonrenewable resources. For example, the potential annual CO2 emission reduction from the use of plant-based material, instead of petroleum, to make Odwalla’s PlantBottleâ„¢ packaging is equal to a savings of almost 400,000 gallons of gas.

Of course, we think this is pretty exciting news but it was great to see the environmental community respond so favorably as well. Treehugger, Environmental Leader, GreenBiz.com and the Associated Press quickly started posting information about the planned transition and buzz continued building all week.

We look forward to working with our Odwalla partners in the coming months to help prepare for the bottle’s debut early next year. Meantime, we just wanted to share this cool news with our Peepshow readers.

*Minimum of 96% plant-based HDPE (high-density polyethylene)