That Guy We Hired On Facebook? Andrew Miller? He’s Here

July 13, 2010

Before my first day at Fast Horse yesterday, I’d spent a week touring South Dakota and Minnesota to see people who had — in a major way — played a role in my earning this internship.

In case you’re new to the Idea Peepshow, Fast Horse slimmed the field of applicants to three before throwing us to the wolves at The Fast Horse Experience. I was lucky enough to come away with an internship. A month ago, I was in Portland, Ore., campaigning my tail off. Now, I’m here.

But back to last week: I could take all of the marketing or business courses I want, but I’ll never learn an adequate way to thank the 724 people who helped me earn this opportunity. The best thing I can do is not let this internship go to waste. Nevertheless, I feel I’ve arrived at a place that’s quintessentially me.

With the few people I was able to thank in person, I was asked, “So, what is it you’ll be doing?”

I suppose the way you explain your job to others is based on the way you view it, and, to unnecessarily wander down the path of meta, that’s what your job ultimately becomes. I think of Fast Horse as a creative think tank. I tell those who helped me get the gig I’ll be contributing to a team of creative thinkers.

Here’s the book on me:

  • I grew up in Sioux Falls, SD, attended Minnesota State University, Mankato and then up and left for Portland with my girlfriend last August. It wasn’t long before I ached for a return to Minnesota. Fast Horse happened to offer one hell of an impetus.
  • I identify myself as a writer, but not in the pretentious I-express-myself-exclusively-through-my-writing-because-I’m-so-complex vein. Writing just happens to be my favorite medium.
  • I’m deeply committed to the Minnesota Twins and Vikings. As for the Timberwolves…
  • Given a two-hour road trip, I’m most likely to play (in no particular order) John Mayer, Drake, Hall & Oates, Band of Horses and songs from Glee.
  • I pride myself on being a chronic generalist — I’ve got a novice understanding of most things, but expertise in nothing. (Except nacho-eating. My nacho-eating skills are outrageous.)
  • I’ve never broken a bone, sprained a joint, torn a ligament or received a stitch. I have, however, been voluntarily Tasered.

I couldn’t be happier to have earned this opportunity, however uncoventionally. I’ve got the next three months to prove I can run with the ponies at Fast Horse.