Best. Week. Ever.

July 2, 2010

It is easy to complain. We all do it and many of us are aware of it. Sometimes it takes an extraordinary experience to make you realize how fortunate you are and that all your complaints are pretty small and meaningless. I recently had one of those experiences and would LOVE to share it with you.

With the help of Fast Horse, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to volunteer for the Children’s Cancer Connection again this year. Each summer, the CCC holds a camping experience, called Camp Heart Connection (CHC), for children who live with or have lived with cancer.

The children who attend CHC range in age from five to 18. Each child is amazing in so many ways it humbles me to merely be in their presence. These kids endure the wrath of cancer while witnessing the pain it causes their loved ones, and yet somehow maintain a positive attitude. Most importantly, what makes these children remarkable is that after everything they have been though, they are 100 percent selfless.

Each summer, for one week at camp, these incredible children get a chance to be ordinary kids. They can put being cancer victims behind them and not worry about surgical scars, baldness or any physical side effects cancer has caused. Instead, they play, laugh and do everything else a perfectly healthy kid would do.

The opportunity to be part of something as amazing and rewarding as Camp Heart Connection quickly gave me an entirely new perspective. My troubles suddenly got smaller, and I appreciate the little things a lot more.

The only way to truly understand what I’m talking about is to experience it. I encourage you all to become involved in CHC or one of many similar organizations. It not only helps children in need – it also helps the soul.

Here are a few photos from camp.