type in process

April 15, 2010

Typography is becoming my new obsession. I started noticing it when I had way too long of a stare at a set of fonts that I created recently. It struck me that I should look at it upside down, and I’ve begun to see structures coming out of the black strokes.

So I started to create a paper model of the letter A. It was interesting that during the process, I was constantly trying to make something resemble a building, like a bridge, courtyard, windows or levels within the structures.

The first thought that came to me was to photograph them after I finished building the model. I started to see different planes of the letter A. It took on a life on its own as I studied it closely on my hand.

I am not sure where it’s going to end up, but it will be nice to see all 26 letters of the alphabet done in this form of utopia.